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Women's Mirai Lightweight Bib Shorts

Women's Mirai Lightweight Bib Shorts

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Our minimalist women’s biking bib shorts, designed with just two vertical seams for a friction-free summer cycling experience.


When you avoid the unnecessary, you’re left with only that which is essential. Harnessing principles of Japanese minimalist design to maximize cycling comfort, the women’s Essential bike bib shorts are back with an updated layout that features just two vertical seams, reducing possible points of friction for a smoother riding experience. Inside, another seamless comfort consideration, the ergonomic pad by Elastic Interface® provides the right support for all-day road, gravel or MTB rides while mesh straps keep things cool when summertime temperatures start to climb. Shop Essential today.


• Minimalist two-seam design
• Mesh shoulder straps
• Embroidered logo
• Ergonomic leg band
• Seamless pad by Elastic Interface®
• Lightweight, breathable fabric
• Reflective details


78% Polyamide 22% Elastane - 77% Polyamide 23% Elastane

RONDE HP WP3 WOMEN has ultra-high density inserts in the perineal and ischiatic area that make it perfect for road and off-road activities.
It combines the benefit of the multidirectional curvature with a smooth surface; these two specifications work together for perfect fit, increasing saddle stability and offering gradual areas of transition.
RONDE HP WP3 WOMEN was developed with the cutting-edge WP3 design, intended for those women who are extremely sensitive to compression. With this construction, the ischiatic padding is raised and the perineal area features a medium-density padding that delivers additional relief.
The fabric selected for the RONDE HP WP3 WOMEN is the EIT ECO X-Fifty top fabric; with its REPOC construction, the polyamide and polyester yarns guarantee cooling functions and quick dry. The darker, brushed, polyamide cube comes in direct contact with the skin preventing chafing and irritations, while the lighter colored polyester cube works at a lower level providing for perfect moisture management.

Selected for its superior performance, this lightweight, breathable fabric is woven with a dynamic four-way stretch to provide an unrestricted range of movement. Resilient, pilling resistant and able to retain its shape throughout extreme use, it’s the ideal fabric for athletic applications where moisture management and temperature control are crucial.

• UV resistant
• Moisture wicking
• Breathable
• Four-way stretch
• Maintains shape
• Resists pilling


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